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Hairstyles come through in waves of trends. Whether that be influenced by the people that surround you or social media, hairstyles are just like clothing trends. Sometimes curly hair is all the rave, and other times, it’s in fashion to have super straight hair.

Here are 10 hairstyles that are trending in 2021:

  1. Precision ends
  2. Crimped waves
  3. Roots with purpose
  4. Long layers
  5. Natural beautiful curls
  6. Waves influenced by your favorite Instagram stars
  7. Natural hair and color
  8. Bangs with length
  9. Messy updos
  10. Hair with only two cuts

Hairstyle trends dictate how someone plans to wear their hair for weddings, parties, going to the store, or even just lounging around at home. Let’s talk more about these fabulous trends.

Precision, Cut-Crease Ends

It could just be that no one was able to get a haircut in 2020, so everyone is looking for a fresh new blunt haircut. In this hairstyle, individuals will get their hair cut in a way that the ends are blunt and straight. There is no layers or blending, just a straight line of where their hair ends.

In a way, you can flaunt your new haircut with this strict line of fresh ends.

Crimped Waves

Crimped hair is making its comeback. The real goal in this hairstyle is to create crimped waves with a curling iron, but it can’t look like it was created with a curling iron. It seems like a paradox, but these waves look good.

An easy way to accomplish this is lightly curling your hair and then tying it up in a ponytail for a couple minutes. Take the hair down and lightly brush through it with your fingers. The key is to be very light in each step in order to create these crimped waves.

This hairstyle doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

Bold Roots with a Purpose

Natural roots hold a lot of power to them. Being purposeful with your roots can make all the difference in your hairstyles of 2021.

Roots are more than fine; some would even say desirable. They should not be covered up or hidden away; they should be let out for all to see.

If you plan on coloring your hair a color lighter than your natural hair, consider leaving your roots out of the coloring process. Having a deep dark root color with lighter hair gives your hair some depth no matter the hairstyle it is in.

Showcase those natural roots and put them on display.

Long Layers

Not cutting your hair comes in handy with this new hairstyle. Get long layers into your long strands to create a bouncy effortless creation to your hair. Getting your hair cut into some long layers helps give it some shape and structure while still framing your face well.

This hairstyle is great for individuals who want to create a change but still keep their hair at its longest length. This hairstyle has plenty of potential to be what you want it to be. There is just so much hair to work with in this hairstyle.

Beautiful Natural Curls

Let those natural beautiful curls free in this hairstyle. Being natural has become trendy in multiple aspects of people’s lives this past year. Natural hair will never go out of style.

One tip to wearing your hair natural is finding what products help keep and enhance its beauty. With curly hair, use oils to help calm frizz and to hydrate those curls of hair. Trial and error is a great way to find out what is best for your hair type.

Those springy curls will help create some bounce into your everyday lives. Let it all in and bring those curls out.

Waves Galore

Time to start practicing waving your hair like an influencer. These deep-set, Hollywood inspired waves are due for a rebranding. These waves have volume and purpose. They tumble down an individual’s head and frame their face so well.

Waves aren’t going anywhere, and there is technology made to help you achieve this look. A waver is an easy tool that will create bounce and life into your hair. This often looks like three curlers glued together and it very easy to use.

Waves and all of its categories aren’t leaving the trending list anytime soon.

Natural All Around

The trendiest hairstyle in 2021 is leaving your hair all natural. That includes the color, texture, and volume.

Whether you have blonde, brown, black, or red hair- leave it be and wear it with pride. Whether your hair is straight or curly- let it free and breathe.

The simplicity of natural hair is that it’s not only in style right now but it’s also time-freeing. You no longer have to sit in a salon and waste time getting your hair colored. You no longer have to stand in front of the mirror curling or straightening your hair. Think of how much time you’ll now have on your hands.

Mother nature truly does know best.

Long Bangs

Looking for a drastic change? Long bangs it is then. Everyone has thought of getting bangs at some point of their lives, and now is the perfect time. Bangs are all the rage right now and hold a spot on our trending hairstyles list of 2021.

These bangs graze your lashes and make you feel like a million bucks. You feel more polished and confident.

Messy Updos

A big trend in 2021 is pretending like you don’t care when in reality you spent an unmentionable amount of time perfecting the perfect hair style. Among this trend is messy updos.

The higher the hair the closer to perfection is what we say. This could be a high pony tail or a high bun. Make sure to fussy out the hair a bit and make it look like you could have perfectly rolled out of bed like that.

The more perfectly placed out of place hair strands they are, the better the hairstyle will look.

Two Cut Hair

This hairstyle has two very simple steps to it: a layer of hair that is cut just below your chin and a second layer of hair that is cut right above your chest. This hair will frame your face and draw eyes to you.

Bent ends will just create dynamic and volume that will leave your hair bouncy and full of life.

This is a hairstyle that we all crave to naturally have.

What Trend Includes Coloring Your Hair?

Highlights are a great option. With all-natural being a huge trend this year, leave your hair its natural color. Just add some highlights to spruce it all up a bit.

Put in some quick strands of color where you or your stylist think work best and be on your way.

This injection of color will lighten up or darken up your look in a graceful way and put some fun into your growing locks.

What’s Another Way to Look Effortless While Being Effortful?

We call this grown-up bedhead. In this look, some strands of hair are purposefully out of place to create an illusion of being effortless.

Some irregular curves here and a few bends there will give you an appearance of just waking up and getting out of bed looking like perfection.

Think of this like having second day curled hair when you wake up. There are some curls, but there are some waves. There are strands out of place, but oddly enough, it all looks cohesive.

Source: Marie Claire