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Calling all coffee lovers! Now you do not have to go to a coffee house or make your cold coffee from scratch at home! Here are some of our top brands for at-home cold brew coffee that will save you time and help you enjoy a good cup of cold brew coffee without leaving your home.

These are some of our top brands for at-home cold brew that you can try and can hopefully be added to your list favorite of cold coffee brands:

  1. Stok Not Too Sweet Black Cold Brew Iced Coffee.
  2. Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.
  3. High Brew Cold Brew Coffee.
  4. RISE Brewing Co. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.
  5. Starbucks Cold Brew Unsweetened Coffee.
  6. Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee, Straight Black.

Let us take a closer look at why these brands have made it to our list of top brands for at-home cold brew coffee and why you should check them out too.

  1. Stok Not too Sweet Black Cold Brew Iced Coffee.

For those who prefer their coffee to be on the stronger side, this brand would be ideal! As the name ‘Not Too Sweet Black Cold Brew Iced Coffee’ from Stok suggests, it has a touch of sweetness in it and does not include dairy in it.

Stok’s Not Too Sweet Cold Brew Coffee is ready to be consumed straight out of the bottle, so it takes no time to make and this is an advantage when you are rushing in the morning.

This is a great tasting coffee to which you can also add your own sweetener; or you can use the ones that Stok provides, which come in various flavors, such as vanilla and mocha.

This brand costs $4.42 at Walmart.

  1. Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate.

Chameleon is a well-known brand for cold brew coffee. Unlike Stok, Chameleon Organic Cold Brew Coffee is not supposed to be consumed straight out of the bottle. Instead you pour the syrup into water, however much you want, giving you the opportunity to adjust it.

Cold brew coffees are generally higher in caffeine than normal brew coffee, it can be a little strong, but if you prefer to lessen the strength, you can by simply adding more water.

The best part about Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate is that since it is not a pre-made drink, you can experiment with it by adding different milks, like almond or oat milk, to it which will make it taste even better. This brand also carries a ready-to-drink cold brew.

This brand costs $9.99 at Target.

  1. High Brew Cold Brew Coffee.

High Brew Cold Brew Coffee is a great option for those who prefer their coffee to already have some flavor in it. This brand offers a variety of flavors that you can choose from including double espresso, dark chocolate mocha, creamy cappuccino, bourbon vanilla latte, salted caramel, toasted coconut latte, Mexican Vanilla, and many more.

To accommodate everyone’s coffee preferences, High Brew provides other types of cold brew coffee. There are some without dairy, some with high caffeine, others with extra protein, and one called “Black and Bold” that is made without added sugar..

High Brew Cold Brew Coffee comes in a pack of 12 (8-ounce cans) which cost: $25.

  1. RISE Brewing CO. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

This nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee is made with oat milk which has a deliciously creamy and smooth taste and texture. This brand of coffee also comes in a variety of other flavors which include: Original Black, Oat Milk Latte, Classic Latte, Mocha Latte, Blood Orange, and Lemonade. Besides being dairy-free, this brand of cold brew coffee is also certified organic and has 80mg of caffeine per serving.

The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee of RISE Brewing CO. comes in a slim container that can easily fit in your fridge. This is convenient for anyone who finds themselves in a rush each morning and needs coffee on the go. If you have several guests coming over, these cans can also save the day as these are quick and easily accessible.

Because of its unique nitrogen infusion, this brand will stand out from your average non-nitro cold brews and is fun to try!

This product comes in a pack of 12 (7 fl. oz.): $29.99

  1. Starbucks Cold Brew Unsweetened Coffee.

Starbucks Cold Brew Unsweetened Coffee can satisfy your thirst for cold brew coffee when you can’t travel to the café. This ready-to-drink cold brew coffee is pleasant and perfectly suitable to quickly make a drink.

This would be a good option for those who are health conscious, as it contains 15 calories, zero fat, zero carbs and 1 gram (of sugar?) per serving. Since Starbucks is more popular than the other brands on this list, it is more easily available at retail stores too.

Starbucks Cold Brew Unsweetened Coffee costs: $4.89

  1. Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee.

One of the best features of this wonderful beverage is that it has a tap in front of the box which means this is ideal for those of you who like to take their coffee on the go as it’s easily accessible. Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee does not need refrigeration after buying, which would allow you to make some extra space in your fridge.

The advantage of it staying fresh at room temperature makes this brand a favorite cold brew pick. This cold brew coffee brand is ideal for offices and large organizations.

Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee costs: $11.99

Q) What is the difference between cold brew coffee and cold coffee?

Cold brew coffee has a quite different flavor to regular cold coffee. Cold coffee is made from cooled, regularly brewed coffee, whereas cold brew coffee is made from coffee grounds processed using cold water. Cold brew coffee has a smoother and less acidic taste. The extraction process that is used gives the cold brew a certain natural sweetness, which fans of this type of coffee love, as they do not have to any sweeteners to their drink. Additionally, this type of coffee has a lot more caffeine it.

Above are our top brand picks for at-home cold brew coffee, which we hope you coffee-drinkers will try. While searching for the best brands, we chose these for our list as they have an array of flavors offered, are durable, and are easy to store.

These cold brew coffee brands ensure that everyone’s dietary preferences and taste preferences are met by not only offering you a wide range of flavors and strengths but also allowing you to adjust the taste of the coffee to your liking.

Q) How do you choose the best cold brew coffee?

If you are a first-time buyer of cold brew coffee, here are a few tips on how to choose the best one for yourself:

  • Check the ingredient list, as some types of cold brew may contain preservatives and additives.
  • Some types might contain higher amounts of sugar, which can result in a higher content of calories and carbs content of your coffee.
  • Organic versions are also available in stores that can help you decrease your exposure to pesticide residue.
  • If you have food allergies, it is necessary for you to avoid products that are manufactured in places that also process common food allergens. Make sure you read the labels before buying it to be safe.

Cold brew coffee has become a more popular choice of coffee amongst coffee lovers and many are trading their regular coffee makers in exchange for cold brew. So, check out our top brands for the cold brew coffee and become a cold brew fan like us!

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