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Musician, style icon and now a beauty mogul with her mega cosmetic line taking the world by storm, Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty line continue to dominate giving skin coverage for all.

There are various ways that show how it is doing so well with everyone.

  1. Fenty Beauty Offers a Wide Variety of Beauty Products
  2. It Started a Movement That Shifted the Beauty Industry
  3. The Brand Adopted an Inclusive Marketing Strategy
  4. It Became a Campaign for Including Diversity in the Industry

Let us have a closer look at the ways in which Fenty continues to manage its success at becoming a breakthrough in the beauty industry.

Fenty Beauty Offers a Wide Variety of Beauty Products

RiRi’s Fenty Beauty line introduces a bunch of great beauty products that can be used on all skin types: oily, dry, combination etc. These products include a 40 shade foundation range, a universal lip gloss shade, and extravagant lipstick colors and eye shadows.

  • Unlike other beauty brands, Fenty Beauty released 40 shades of foundation, which was far more than the small number of shades other brands were providing at the time. This allowed customers to choose from a variety of shades and not just be constrained to a few if they did not find a certain color that best suits their skin.
  • According to Stephanie Wissink, a research analyst at Jefferies, “It challenged the standard convention that you only needed a very defined set of shades to satisfy the market. Not only did Fenty Beauty achieve meaningful sales, but it potentially changed the industry permanently.”
  • The wide range of products that everyone can use proves how successful the singer’s beauty line is because a wider audience can purchase them regardless of their skin and color.

It Started a Movement That Shifted the Beauty Industry

Rihanna’s beauty line did not just sell great beauty products that become popular with people of all color and skin types. The concept of selling beauty products for everyone to try had completely shifted the beauty industry’s paradigm.

  • During the pre-Fenty era, “celebrity beauty brands” focused on manufacturing shades and colors that would only be fit for certain types of skin tone. This sent a message to the customer that “if you don’t fit an age-old Eurocentric ideal of beauty, you are not welcome.”
  • Fenty dealt with this issue by opening a conversation about the importance of having a wider range of foundation shades and other beauty products. This gave them more options to choose from rather than being stuck to only one beauty type.

The Brand Adopted an Inclusive Marketing Strategy

One of the many reasons for Fenty Beauty becoming so successful was not just because there was a superstar like Rihanna to design the line but also because it used an inclusive marketing strategy.

  • This strategy is about including all kinds of people, regardless of their background or color, while you plan on how to sell your product, and this method really helped Fenty Beauty boost its image.
  • Fenty Beauty connected emotionally with many women who, for a long time, were not given any acknowledgement in the beauty industry. The brand did not only help these women with earning recognition but also showed that women of color have spending power and that darker tones can be sold as well. When Fenty Beauty’s darker shades sold out first, it became evident to every high-end brand that the inclusivity strategy is a powerful strategy.
  • According to Sandy Saputo, Chief Marketing Officer of Kendo and Fenty Beauty, “the best way to break through Inclusive Marketing is to share authentic stories that are rooted in culture and are emotionally meaningful to the consumers you serve.”
  • Fenty Beauty did just that when they first launched their beauty campaign. It featured underrepresented, undeserved women and cultures that many women worldwide were touched by.
  • This made the beauty brand’s concept of including women of all colors, skin types and backgrounds more attractive for customers as they could see that Fenty Beauty was not restricting themselves to women with a certain type of skin tone.

It Became a Campaign for Diversity in the Industry

Rihanna’s idea of initiating and openly debating on including diversity in the beauty industry has attracted a lot of attention from both customers and brands.

  • The singer worked towards developing a makeup line that would suit all skin tones and types and include people everywhere. The beauty brand focused on a wide range of hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that would work for everyone. Fenty Beauty has managed to achieve this, and results are shown on social media where beauty influencers are the real judges of every product.
  • For example, a Youtuber named Myra Chaudhary said, “I’m so happy as an Indian and Pakistani woman with an olive undertone to have been able to walk into Sephora and finally get matched to a foundation that’s not orange.”
  • Another Youtuber, Nyjal Dup, said, “A lot of brands wait to produce products in my shade after establishing their product lines, but Fenty gave me an option right away.” This proves how successful Fenty has become in helping women from across the world to find their ideal foundation for their skin.
  • The brand became extremely popular on social media in its first month and continues today. Beauty influencers are the most vocal and influential people on social media, which means that they can not be ignored by the brands. Their verdict on Fenty Beauty is that it is such a great beauty brand and that other brands must also follow its example in reaching out and helping its audience.
  • According to social influencers online, Rihanna has introduced a new product every month since September 2017, so brands should also start working on their shades to keep up with a successful brand like Fenty Beauty.

Fenty Beauty sales continue to incline. In its first few weeks, it made up to $100 million. Last year, the beauty brand generated $570 million in revenue after being in business for only 15 months. The entire organization is worth $3 billion. Rihanna’s beauty line has become so successful that it is now in par with other mega beauty brands like Urban Decay, Benefit, and NARS.

What makes Fenty Beauty Unique?

Fenty beauty products are made to feel lightweight and layer your skin with coverage that would ultimately make your skin feel smooth and your face look gorgeous. Rihanna had specifically designed the makeup line in a way that would inspire women to have fun with it and get experimental, or as Rihanna sings, “so live your life, not feel like a burden on your skin as well as mentally.”

Is Fenty Beauty Available Internationally?

Yes, Fenty Beauty products can be shipped online to hundred-plus countries. Rihanna wanted her brand to be available to all women around the world at the same time, which was a difficult task to do according to Saputo, Chief Marketing Officer of Fenty Beauty and Kendo, but the brand went live in 17 countries on the same day at the same time, regardless of time zone, and was also ready to be shipped to 137 countries.

Now that sounds like a brand that you should definitely check out. Fenty Beauty is an amazing company that has completely changed the way the beauty industry manufactures and sells its products. The two key elements that led to its gigantic success are its inclusive strategy and the various shades of foundation and beauty products that would give coverage to all kinds of skin.

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