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Like most people, you probably are looking for a good show to pass the extra time on your hands. Let’s face it, watching a good binge-worthy Netflix series is everyone’s favorite pastime. Whether you prefer a thriller series or a feel-good family-oriented show, Netflix has it all. Here is a quick summary of some of the best shows to stream on Netflix right now that we’ve rounded up:

Here are the best shows on Netflix to stream right now:

  1. Good Girls
  2. Firefly Lane
  3. Queen’s Gambit
  4. Julie and the Phantoms
  5. Dead to me
  6. Cobra Kai

From comedy to drama these shows have it all, let’s take a look at their plots and the actors behind each show’s characters.

Good Girls

If you love action and comedy then this is the show for you. Good Girls follows a group of three moms who resort to robbing their local grocery store to make ends meet. Although, they think they are bound to get away with it- this leads to their involvement with a multimillion-dollar gang.

Gang leader, Rio, employs the moms, Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks), Annie Marks (Mae Whitman), and Ruby Hill (Retta) to do his gang’s dirty work to make up for the fact that they stole money from him.

Every episode leaves you on the edge of your seat. Season one through three are available on Netflix and you can stream season 4 now on the CW.

Firefly lane

Firefly Lane follows the stories of two lifelong best friends played by Katherine Heigle and Sarah Chalke. The show portrays their early friendship in the 70s, jumps to their college days in the ’80s, and their mid-life crises in the early 2000s. Their heartwarming story carries serious issues such, drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual assault, ageism in the workplace, and more. Overall it’s a feel-good show with bursts of nostalgia and accurately portrays the realities of long-term friendships.

Queen’s Gambit

Queen’s Gambit is centered around the life of a skillful chess player and orphan, Beth Harmon. The show portrays her life from early childhood into her mid-twenties. To mitigate her traumas from her years in the orphanage, she looks to alcohol and drugs that ultimately became an addiction. The title of the show stems from a popular chess move called gambit, so if you are a chess fanatic this might be the show for you.

Even if you’ve never played a game of chess before, this show will still draw you in. From the amazing costume designs to the spot-on acting, it’s hard to not let this show consume you. All seven episodes of the first season are available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. While it is uncertain that there will be a season two of the series, conversations are still underway.

Julie and the Phantoms

Julie and the Phantoms is the latest Kennedy Ortega project, director of the popular Disney franchises Descendants, Cheetah Girls, and High School Musical. The first episode begins in the late 90s with a rock band of four guys, Sunset Curve rehearsing for their big break. After an accident, three of the members lose their lives.

The show then cuts to the present day where we are introduced to Julie Molina, played by newcomer Madison Reyes, a high school student with a passion for music, but is struggling to come back to it. Early on we see that Julie is grieving her late mother who inspired her passion for music. After a quick trip to her family’s garage, her life changes forever, three members of Sunset Curve who passed- Luke, Reggie, and Alex, appear in front of her. Julie is the only one with the ability to see them, but when they all play music together everyone can see them.

The group makes the conclusion to start a new band, Julie and the Phantoms, hence the title. The phantoms reignite Julie’s passion for music and in turn, she helps them become the band they were never able to be. This show is a feel-good family show that is a favorite among viewers from every age group. Season one is now available on Netflix however viewers are still awaiting an announcement on the potential release of season two.

Dead to Me

Dead to Me follows an unconventional friendship between the two main characters, Jen, played by Christina Applegate, and Judy, played by Linda Cardellini. The story begins with Jen, a recently widowed real estate agent with a determination to find the killer responsible for her husband’s passing. Her resentment and anger build up and leads her to attend a therapy group to come to terms with her unfortunate situation.

At her therapy group, she runs into Judy who claims she is there because she is grieving the loss of her fiancé who “died of a heart attack”. In actuality, Judy is the hit-and-run driver responsible for Jen’s husband’s passing. To amend her guilt, Judy befriends Jen and works to hide her big secret throughout their growing friendship. Season one ends with a major cliffhanger, but no need to fear because season two is now available and season three is coming in the near future.

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai, otherwise known as the spinoff of the popular movie franchise Karate Kid, released season three of their series in early January. This series is a fan favorite among many and picks up right where the movies left off. The first episode portrays Johnny Lawrence, played by William Zabka, living a sad life in Reseda, stuck trying to live off his high school glory. Conversely, his arch-nemesis Daniel Larusso, played by Ralph Macchio, is living a lavish lifestyle as a car salesman and owner of his own dealership.

The show pays homage to the Karate Kid series by making references to popular symbols such as the Bonsai trees that Larusso features in his dealership. The show also incorporates the younger generation by showing their kids Johnny Lawrence’s son Robby and Daniel LaRusso’s daughter, Samantha. Miguel, a high school student with Samantha, is mentored in Karate by Lawrence when he notices Miguel couldn’t defend himself in a physical altercation with his classmates.

Similarly, LaRusso mentors Robby who begins a new job at his dealership. The rivalry between both Lawrence and LaRusso drives their character’s motivation for their actions and the actions of their mentees. Cobra Kai can be best described as a teen-based drama with action, thrill, nostalgia, and comedy.